Alongside with the main function of the System – trading function, B2B-Center offers a variety of auxuliary services to its clients, which make working at the marketplace most comfortable.

B2B-Center is always concerned about its customers and develops innovative products and services – which allow system members find information in quick manner and save time.

The following services were developed for you in the System:


It ensures the accuracy and security of legal documents. Mandatory use of electronic signature equates the legal value of electronic documents used in the system to the importance of ordinary paper form.

Training Seminars

Allow you to obtain complete information about the work of the System, a detailed examination of all of its functions, to acquire skills to apply them in practice.


Allows to find out more about the functionality of the System, as well as to get an idea of the peculiarities of work on the electronic trading platform.

My Master Data Directory

Service for management of the purchased items catalog, normalization, analytics and report generation on the procurement results.

E-Bank Guarantee

Allows you to issue a bank guarantee without logging off the System

Tender Notices

Contains complete information about the biddings organized by the System members. This section is only available to the Full Members of B2B-Center.

Products and Services Catalogue

Virtual showcase for quick cooperation between the supplier and the customer while searching and buying products and services.

Financial Services

Bank guarantee, factoring, leasing - financial services for each step of bidding procedure.


Makes it possible to send and receive legally significant documents in electronic form

Business Report

Allows to check the validity of data on the legal entities, prospective counterparties and business partners, as well as to solve a number of information and analytical tasks.

Calendar of events

Clearly presents information about important events on selected bidding procedures for the supplier.

Calculation of freight costs and freight services order

This is a tool to calculate instantly the total freight costs and to apply online for freight services in a few clicks. It’s especially convenient if you need to transport the cargo for long distances.

My Analytics

This service allows you to evaluate the effectiveness of your purchases as well as to find means to save and check the quality of work at all scales - from holding company to subsidiaries.


Онлайн-сервис взыскания дебиторской задолженности через суд

Tender consultancy services

Participation in "turnkey" tenders and legal assistance in court or pre-trial proceedings.

My Suppliers

This option allows you to group and filter the suppliers by specific features. This enables joint work with the contractors' cards. This option simplifies selection of new partners. It ensures the security of the data on the contractors.

Tender loan

Quick loan to be provided as bid security.

Региональные тендеры

Рубрикатор тендеров по регионам России. Для удобства региональные тендеры сгруппированы по федеральным округам. Рубрикатор позволяет быстро подобрать подходящий тендер в нужном регионе.

1C Module "Online Procurement"

This service allows to automate the work of procurement department, as well as to integrate a company’s procurement at B2B-Center e-marketplace into 1C Enterprise Resource Planning system.