Bidding procedures search

In our search engine the stemmed search is enabled to simplify the forming of a search query. The search results are returned not based on an exact match, but based on a root word. For instance, entering “transport” into the search box will return all the bidding procedures titles containing “transportation”, “transporting”, “transports“ and so on. The search results will also include the words with prefixes, for example, “products” query will return “byproducts”, “semiproducts” and “afterproducts” as well.

By putting “*” sign before or after a query keyword, you will get the titles of bidding procedures containing the respective substring (substring is a part of a word, preceding or following * sign. When * sign is put before the query keyword, the words with a prefix will be found (for example, for “*screen” query only the results like “prescreen” will be returned, while the words “screening” or “screener” will not be displayed), and in case * sign follows the query keyword, words with a postfix (“screener”, “screening”, “screenless”) will be displayed.

“*” sign can be placed both before and after a substring to get various search results.

“!” sign preceding a word (or words) is to exclude the procedure titles containing that word (or those words) from the search results.

To use a region-based search (the search among the regions where a bidding organizer works), one can choose one or more values. In this case displayed will be the bidding procedures of which the organizer has stated any of the selected regions. If several regions are selected, bidding procedures for each of those regions will be found.

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