Besides the main one, trade function of the System, B2B-Center offers a variety of auxiliary services to make using our platform the most handy and valuable.

B2B-Center always cares about its clients and develops innovative products and services, so that the system members could find the relevant information quicky, thus saving their time.

You can take advantage of the following additional services:

ensures validity and authenticity of documents. Mandatory use of e-signature ensures that e-documents used in the system have the same legal value as conventional paper documents.

allow you to obtain a complete information on how the System works, to master all its features, as well as to acquire skills of applying those in practice.

allows to get familiar with the System's functionality and to get an insight into working at the e-marketplace.

to manage the catalog of purchased items, normalization, analytics and report generation on the procurement results.

to provide bank guarantee of any type

provides a complete information on the biddings organized by the System members. This section is only available to the Full Members of B2B-Center system.

a virtual showcase to enable a quick interaction between suppliers and buyers while procuring products and services.

includes bank guarantee, factoring, leasing – for each stage of bidding procedure.

enables sending and receiving legally significant documents in electronic form

is an online service for judicial collection of accounts receivable

clearly presents the information about important events on the selected bidding procedures for the supplier.

This service allows to group and filter suppliers by specific features, enables shared work with the contractors' cards, simplifies selection of new partners and ensures security of contractors data.

allows to evaluate purchasing efficiency, to find means to save and check the quality of work at any scale – from holding company to subsidiaries.

Tender Index by regions of Russia. For your convenience regional tenders are grouped by federal districts. The Index allows to easily select the tender you need within the required region.

participation in turn-key tenders and legal support in court or pre-trial proceedings.

Quick loan to be provided as bid security.

This service allows to automate the work of procurement department, as well as to integrate a company’s procurement at B2B-Center e-marketplace into 1C Enterprise Resource Planning system.